Inaugural Meeting

Our Inaugural Meeting will take place on Thursday 5th September at the 10 Centre, Tarves Way, Greenwich starting at 7.00p.m.  The agenda will include acceptance of our aims, the constitution and election of officers.  All are welcome.  The venue is behind Greenwich DLR station at the end of Straightsmouth.

2 thoughts on “Inaugural Meeting

  1. Stephen McKenna

    Firstly, I would like to congratulate those who have begun the process of turning this Friends group into a reality.

    I was present as someone who has used the GFT pretty intensively over the years, so I was pleased by this initiative to set up a Friends group dedicated to the two tunnels.

    Clearly this was only an exploratory opening meeting but from the outset we were warned off getting into a debate about the shortcomings of Greenwich Council etc, however there was clearly a core of concern about cyclists in the tunnel that was free to be discussed.

    There was a cyclist there who doesn’t live in the area but uses the tunnel daily and I think she was under the impression that this would be a forum which would include the cycling community. I’d rather hoped that would be the case myself.

    Anyway, she didn’t return after the break and I got the impression she may have been frightened off a bit.

    Speaking for myself, I think the idea of this group is excellent and it’s a surprise that such an initiative hasn’t suggested itself before, but I was disappointed to hear cycling get it in the neck so early on.

    One of the first aims of the group as set out on this website is to represent ALL the users of the tunnel and I feel that the voice of those who believe there should be some tolerance of cycling should also be heard on the committee and in time I may well inclined to put myself forward as that voice.

    It is a contentious topic, undoubtedly, and I’m not for one moment going to deny that there are abuses of the tunnel environment in this regard, but after all, is it not the council that we need first to be having the discussions with?

    Their policy of automating the lifts has left the tunnel unmanned and undoubtedly standards of behaviour have greatly declined on that account. Furthermore, it is only they (and the MPS, I suppose) who have the powers to police the tunnels.

    Anyway, there is a debate to be had there and I would be keen to see FOGWOFT act as its host.

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