April 2014

Friends of Greenwich and Woolwich Foot Tunnels
Minutes of the Meeting 15th April at 24 Humber Rd, Greenwich

Present and Apologies
Present: Mary Mills (Chair), Ian Blore, John Phillips, Francis Sedgemore, Mike Shallcross

1. Minutes of the previous meeting, and Matters arising
The meeting formally approved the Minutes of the meeting of 28 November 2013, the General Meeting of 23 January 2014 and accepted the Notes of the meeting with representatives of Greenwich Council of 5 March 2014.

2. Survey (results so far and their publicity/management)
The interim results of the survey were considered and it was decided that Mike would deactivate the survey as soon as possible after 25th April. It was put by Francis that the survey could only be advisory and that the consensus of the two public meetings were that the tunnels were designed to be pedestrian only and that this governed our continued position.
There ensued a discussion about the current bylaws and it was agreed that the results of the survey be communicated to Greenwich Council. ACTION: Ian
It was agreed that whatever use policy be adopted by Greenwich, the policy of Fogwoft remains that it needs to be properly managed, by both signs and active oversight. It was agreed that Francis would publicise the results of the survey in the media. ACTION: Francis
John suggested that broken NO CYCLING signs be replaced and it was agreed to consider this under the next item.
Fogwoft remains committed to securing a behavioural change to some inconsiderate users of the tunnel.

3. Signs and usage management
The provision of notice boards partly for the use of Fogwoft was welcomed and it was agreed that we should adopt a pro-active policy on all but Health and Safety signs. A discussion about sign styles suggested that we limit our suggestions to location and content of signs only since each borough has an unique house style. After discussion about external signs for each tunnel, and the poor advertising of the Woolwich Tunnel in particular, it was agreed that Ian would approach Greenwich Council to jointly identify locations and content of new signs in each tunnel. ACTION: Ian
We agreed to generate ideas on internal historical/heritage signage and that Ian/Mary would discuss this in outline with the heritage officer at the World Heritage Site. ACTION: Ian/Mary

4. Finance and donation options
After a firm agreement that Fogwoft would solicit donations and not be subscription-based, John presented his research on using Paypal for donations. Francis suggested that there were other methods (such as Pingit) and would liaise with John on these. It was agreed that methods of donation could include Paypal, bank transfer, cheque and a Pingit-style e-payment. John and Francis would liaise, agree and after any necessary consultation by email, advertise donation methods on the website. ACTION: Francis/John

5. Greenwich Industrial History Society talk (20 May) and our input
Mary suggested that we be allowed a short slot at the next GIHS meeting preferably at the beginning. Ian was volunteered to do this. Mary would communicate with the main speaker, Jackie Skipper, and Ian asked for anyone to provide pics of the refurbishment. The event would be advertised on the Fogwoft e-list/site about 5 May. ACTION: Ian. Mary. John

6. Any other business (to include new lighting levels)
Lighting levels – Mike thought these were good, and those that had observed the new lights agreed. Francis pointed out that, after cleaning, the brightness level would increase and so it was agreed to monitor the situation after cleaning.
Ian asked for ideas for a June event at Greenwich Tunnel to celebrate the completion of the refurbishment. Mary could be in touch with jazz musicians, John suggested a brass band (more Victorian) or there could be a dance through the tunnel. It was agreed that early to mid-June would be best.
The meeting closed at 16.15

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