June 2014

Minutes of the Meeting 17th June 2014 at Island Gardens Cafe

1. Present and Apologies
Ian Blore, John Phillips, Francis Sedgemore, Mike Shallcross
Apologies: Susie Bennett, Mary Mills

2. Approval of minutes of 19th September meeting
The Minutes were approved.

3. Matters arising
Most of the actions from the previous meeting had been undertaken, excepting Item 4 which was reviewd under the next Item, Item 3 “Heritage Signs” which Ian and Mary would discuss, and, although Jackie Skipper had been asked for her notes to the talk to the GIHS on 20 May, these had not been received. Ian would gently chase and John/Ian would review the History section of the website.

4. Finance
It was agreed that John and Francis would liaise in order to publicise methods of donation to the Friends.
JP informed that we had about £180 in funds, but would approach the Westcombe Society for their promise of £50 to support the Greenwich event (see below).

5. Event at Greenwich Tunnel, proposed 4th August
IB clarified that the date of an event has been chosen to best match that of the original opening of the tunnel, 4th August 1902. Saturday/Sunday 2nd or 3rd was agreed to be most suitable. It was further agreed to try to enlist a brass ensemble to perform. Ian would be in touch with Ferreira Brass from Trinity College and, if available, they would be best to determine timing. It was agreed to try to theme the event as “Victorian” and to simply have some opening music, an address or two, and a walk through the refurbished tunnel. Any further ideas are welcome, and it may be possible to have a small stall by the kiosk in Island Gardens. Ian and Mary are in touch with the Heritage Office to get the necessary permission. FS suggested asking RBG for an amount of funding for the event and Ian agreed to approach Tim Jackson. He further suggested a small (A5) flyer, not so much for the event but to publicise Fogwoft more generally. Ian agreed to get cost of a print run of 500 or 1000.

6. Considerate Use Survey and RBG Proposed Trial Project
The online survey had been well-publicised and IB recorded that there was a little feedback from disgruntled pedestrians. There had been a reported police action in the Greenwich Tunnel. It was unanimously agreed to support further action and to ask RBG if they could request random police checks. Ian would write to Tim Jackson also suggesting a future meeting around the EoI for the Incubator Fund Project (EoI for short). There was broad agreement that a trial project could establish a better managed use regime in the tunnels, though JP expressed surprise at the cost and was not in favour of audio messages although MS stressed that these were tentative.
It was agreed that Ian would ask for the timeline on the project and, should TfL funding not be forthcoming, whether the Borough would proceed with alternative resources.

7. Any Other Business
There was no other business and the meeting closed at 5.40pm.