May 2016

Minutes of the Meeting 9 May at 24 Humber Road

1. Present and Apologies
Mary (MM, Chair), Robert (RW), Mike (MS), John (JP), Ian (IB, note-taker)
No apologies received

(MM raised the issue of our venue, and if we could use the small office in Island Gardens if we wanted to rotate venues better).

2. Behavioural Management Project – next steps
IB briefly recapitulated the 3 components of the “movement management project” that is the intelligent traffic signals, change to bylaws and a behavioural management project. He summarised a briefing from Sarah Levantis of JMP Consultants who have been commissioned by RBG to design an incentive scheme. This would give points to those cyclists who dismounted at correct times, through their smartphone. We had been asked if we could help publicise the scheme. It would be London-wide and apply to many schemes. Further information will be available but its full design will be when the traffic signals have been fully trialled and progress made on the bylaws (which update the fines for bad behaviour).
JP said he had recently been through the GFT when it was busy and signals “on red”, and again when it was not busy but signals where still “red” (red = no cycling). Cyclists had been behaving well on both occasions. MS had also been through the tunnel when traffic was light but signals on red and several cyclists had been riding at speed. JP said he thought there is a fundamental flaw. Cyclists are tempted to ride fast when traffic is light – but this may be precisely when control is most needed. He reiterated that in his view only some form of barrier will deter cycling. The discussion ended with agreement that more was needed than just the signals, and the speed issue should also be addressed. Both JP and MS had seen a sign that was hanging dangerously (GFT South) and JP had reported this.
All these issues were to be raised with RBG. ACTION: IB
It was agreed that we would assist in the publicising of the proposed incentive scheme when called upon. IB suggested we try to get some flyers distributed at the GFT (at least) by human hand to get better coverage than merely electronic publicity. This was agreed (and we would hunt for possible volunteers). This issue will undoubtedly be an item at a future meeting once we know timescales which would be asked for. ACTION: IB

3. Lift Remote Alert Webpage Status
No information to update since January. It was assumed that the system was still being tested. RW remarked that it would be rather good if the Woolwich ferry had better information systems in place and we wondered why a friends group had not formed around that much more important river crossing.

4. Internal and External Signage
IB gave an update about the single plinth that is planned for Cutty Sark Gardens. RW expressed a little dismay that only one is planned and once more the total lack of signs to the WFT was discussed. It was resolved to inquire of the status and timescale for installing the Greenwich plinth and this leads into Item 5.

5. Event at Greenwich Tunnel
It was agreed that it would be good to invite our Hon. President, Chris Binnie, to an event that could be the unveiling of the new heritage plinth. This would need to be 5th PM or 7th AM July. Action would be taken in conjunction with Item 4. Since both the optimal days are weekdays, any event would be small and really to provide media opportunities. MM suggested she raise the possibility with the Heritage Trust and others. ACTION: MM

6. Finance
JP reported a surplus of £270 and urged we consider spending some of it. The possibility of an updated brochure received general support and it was agreed to put this on a future agenda when the current projects mature somewhat.

7. Any Other Business
RW had observed the removal of a section of tiles in the WFT. He wondered if this was connected to maintenance of a leaky section.

The meeting closed at 11.30am
PS Len Duval has expressed interest to Mary in any event.
IB should have a breakfast with Chris Binnie on 12 May.