Minutes of AGM April 2019

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of

Friends of Greenwich and Woolwich Foot Tunnels

Monday, 29 April 2019 at Star and Garter

  1. Welcome, apologies and introductions (Mary Mills)

Apologies from Cllrs. Bustin, Khan, Aidan Smith and Jackie Smith, Joel de Mowbray and  Anthony Austin.

  1. Minutes of last AGM

The Minutes of the 2018 AGM (see under Meetings on this site) were approved.

  1. Review of the year (Mary Mills)

The Chair admitted it had been a quiet year, largely awaiting actions by the 3 Borough Councils.  Lifts had been behaving better that in previous years.  The new draft byelaw was still being process (see below) and the movement management trial was entirely dependent on the new byelaw.

  1. Finance (John Phillips)

JP had little to report for the past year. We had £281 at the start of the period and have expended only £15 for the renewal of our website license leaving £266 in hand.

One item was that following an excessive demand for personal details by our bankers – Barclays – the decision was taken to remove all but a token sum of £1 in the account and hold our funds in cash.  This £265 cash is held by Ian Blore our Secretary in a dedicated cash box and monitored by JP as Treasurer. The sum was kindly verified by Colin del Strother.

JP also mentioned than we would be conducting a tour of the Woolwich tunnel for the Bermondsey Local History Society at a fee of £35.

  1. Committee Vacancies and Elections

Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Press Officer

Representatives of Tower Hamlets, Newham and Woolwich

All current committee members volunteered to continue and were approved en bloc.

  1. There was no Other Business

General Meeting Minutes

  1. Greenwich Town Centre Plans

Fogwoft had made some comments about the management of access towards the Greenwich Foot Tunnel, which were endorsed at the meeting.  Members were encouraged to engage with the initiative at https://greenwichtowncentremap.commonplace.is/about

  1. Rotherhithe Crossing plans

The early plans to provide a bridge at Durands wharf were noted as were the alternative ferry suggestions from Thames Clippers (see http://www.pla.co.uk/assets/session302geoffsymonds.pdf)

  1. English Coast Path link to Woolwich Tunnel

The plans to waysign the England Coastal Path as far as the Woolwich Foot Tunnel (WFT) was agreed as a platform to encourage RBG to sign this very secretive tunnel better.  MM agreed to take up with Pippa Hack of RBG.

  1. Status and pathway for tunnel byelaws updating

IB gave a short summary of the tortuous process of the byelaw change and the indication that this was held up in LBTH since both it and Newham Borough need to approve the draft, or suggest changes.  MD said that his guess was that this would not be a high priority for the Mayor of Tower Hamlets.  It was agreed that there was little that fogwoft could directly do about this logjam.  MM agreed to write to the new Asst. Director of Transport at RBG outlining our concerns and asking for a short meeting.  Any meeting could also discuss the status of the movement management scheme technical details.

5.  Any Other Business

MM indicated that there may be new plans for the leisure centre next to the WFT and would try to discover more details.