November 2013

Friends of Greenwich and Woolwich Foot Tunnels
Minutes of the Meeting 28th November at Ibis Hotel

1. Present and Apologies
Present: Mary Mills (Chair), Ian Blore, John Phillips, Francis Sedgemore
Apologies: Parm Mahil, David Dennison

2. Approval of Minutes of and Maters Arising from Meeting of 19th September
The draft minutes were proposed by FS, seconded by JP and approved.
It was decided that Finance points be taken under the item Finance and other Action points be noted. Those that required further action were:
a) A short history of the refurb works. ACTION: Ian and Francis. Subterranean Britannica has solicited an article on the tunnels as a whole and we would contribute. ACTION: Mary and Francis
b) Clarification of legal relations between the 3 host boroughs. Research into the by-laws was of most concern. ACTION: Mary and postponed till later
c) Events at the Greenwich Tunnel: ACTION: All and perhaps for public meeting
d) Tripadvisor and Youtube material: ACTION: All

3. Finance
JP reported that a bank account had been opened and should be active soon.
Remaining seed capital of £350 had been pledged in total of which £50 was towards an agreed specific event. FS asked about ongoing finance and suggested that online donations could be solicited either directly or through a micro donation facility. ACTION: John and Francis to explore.

4. Visual Enhancement Ideas and Tiling
The issue of tiling v. retiling had been put to Fogwoft by the Royal Borough. One communication with us had favoured retiling and we decided to recommend “deep cleaning” of existing tiles before assessing the results. The tiles are original and from a local source, whilst it was thought that retiling may be disruptive.
The ideas about artwork and other visual enhancements, especially in the Greenwich Tunnel, are more a long-term project. We would contact design staff in the Borough. ACTION: Mary.
More immediately we would press for better signage and eventually for better siting of the Woolwich Tunnel if the Waterfront Leisure Centre were to be developed. ACTION: Mary

5. Encouraging More Considerate Use
It was noted that there had been a debate on both Fogwoft and local cycling group media about the feasibility of shared use (between pedestrians and cyclists) in the tunnels. It was also noted that the inaugural meeting of Fogwoft had shown a strong consensus for keeping the tunnels as footpaths. It was agreed to approach Living Streets and Sustrans for advice about measures to encourage considerate use and perhaps to assist in monitoring any measures. ACTION: Francis
Fogwoft would enquire of the Borough as to what risk assessments had been undertaken. ACTION: Mary

6. Website, Media and Communications
It was resolved to keep as many media articles as possible and to keep media up to date. FS recommended a public meeting before the end of January 2014 to report progress and publicise continued activities. This was accepted. ACTION: Ian