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More than 3,000 people pass through the Greenwich and Woolwich tunnels each day, and that number appears to be growing quickly. Roughly half of the tunnel users are cyclists, with the other half pedestrian only.

As tunnel traffic grows, competition and conflict between cyclists (also skateboarders and skaters) and pedestrian-only users will quite likely increase. Reducing any ill-will between the different user groups should be a priority in the newly refurbished tunnels.

Both tunnels are narrow, with the Greenwich tunnel narrower than the London Cycling Design Standards for shared use. At present, the local bylaws governing both the Greenwich and Woolwich Foot Tunnels prohibit cycling, skateboarding and rollerskating through the tunnels. As with most pavements, the tunnels are classed as pedestrian rights of way.

To allow more than walking through the tunnels would require a change in the existing bylaw, or a traffic management order issued by the Royal Borough of Greenwich. As a community group, Fogwoft may propose a change, if such is considered desirable. If the borough council were to accept such a proposal from Fogwoft, it would then be obliged to consult the public on any alteration of the existing bylaw.

This survey is an attempt to informally gauge tunnel user opinion, and narrow down the options we present to the council. The options laid out here are those discussed at our public meeting held in January 2014.

The current situation is that, on weekdays at least, up to 80% of cyclists as well as many skateboarders and rollerskaters do not comply with the bylaw. This high percentage of offenders may be the result of the now total absence of bylaw enforcement. Whichever options are preferred by those who respond to this survey, we feel that the tunnels must be better managed. This issue was highlighted at both of the Fogwoft public meetings held to date.

Please let us know your views by voting in our survey, which will remain open until Friday 25th April 2014. And you can tell us what you think about other matters related to the Greenwich and Woolwich Foot Tunnels by emailing

6 thoughts on “Survey

  1. Olumide Awoyemi

    I am a cyclist who lives west of London. I have visited the tunnel and really enjoyed the walk. I think cyclists should dismount as the tunnel is relatively narrow and pedestrians would be in danger from irresponsible cyclist who insist on riding at unsafe speeds.

  2. Claire Ali

    I think too many cyclists are delisional in thinking that they are Bradley Wiggins etal. I think that cyclists should dismount in all the foot tunnels and in all parks. One Sunday we took our father who is 75 out to a park nearby to where he lives (he recently has undergone surgery) the cyclist, maybe not all but a huge majority were wizzing by as if they had a medal to win, this caused him great concern and cut short what should have been a lovely trip out. Surely they couldn’t all be in a hurry on a Sunday, why do they go so fast. The worst ones of all are those who wear headphones, this in itself should be against the law.

  3. Lockwood

    Put scattered barriers through tunnel so that cyclists have to walk their bikes through tunnel and lift bikes thru barriers.

  4. Stephanie Tremain

    I use the Greenwich foot tunnel every weekend with my son who has special needs I used to walk him though all the time when you had people working the lifts. because they stopped people riding there bikes in the tunnel. but now I can’t let my son walk in the tunnel in cause he gets knock over. also I have noticed that there is a emergency button at both ends of the tunnel but I think there should be one in the middle because if you are in the middle and someone get ill or has an accident you can’t get help because you can’t get a signal on your mobile. Also I think there should be police walking though because if you get attacked there is no one to help you if no one comes though to help.
    I hope to hear from you or see some for the things I have talked about being done in the tunnel because I would like to start walking my son back through the tunnel again.
    Yours faithfully
    miss S.J.Tremain

  5. James Grant

    I have to disagree. I only use the Woolwich Tunnel, but very few people use it at any one time and cycling through it is completely safe. Do we really have to ban cycling through it just to prevent the one minor crash every 5 years. In fact, I’m fairly confident that people lifting their bikes up and down the stairs is likely to cause many more accidents than people cycling down it will.

    I have no doubt though that signs will be erected, cctv installed and fines liberally dished out.

  6. Darcy Wright

    The removal of the barriers gap encouraged cyclists of which I am one, to speed and not dismount it the tunnels. These inconsiderate riders are dangerous and should be actively stopped. Fines should be imposed and bikes impounded if breaking the byelaws. Please don’t help responsible cyclists stop the selfish as self policing does not work.

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